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Paramore fans are speculating on the album's release after the group's social media update

Paramore fans are speculating on the album’s release after the group’s social media update

Paramore intrigued fans after suspending nearly every post on the band’s official Instagram account. In addition, the members changed their profile pictures to what appeared to be a single photo, with their faces pressed against wet glass.

With the update on social media, netizens speculated the release of the emo group album – formed in the 2000s, Paramore has been without new work since 2017, with After laughing.

One user on Twitter said: “I’m 26, these pics came out looking like a 12-year-old freaking out what a good feeling, only Paramore can.” Another follower posted “Live only for Paramore’s new album”.

The group has been on hiatus since 2018 and has been promise to come back For the fans: The group confirmed that concerts will be held in the United States starting next October.

The current group is from Paranome with vocalist Hailey Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zach Farrow. In all previous projects of the group, the lineups were different, with the exception of this next project, which will repeat the members of the album. After laughing.

Watch fan reactions on social media:

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