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Paraguay activates epidemiological alert against monkeypox

Paraguay activates epidemiological alert against monkeypox

This measure is precautionary, because the only suspected case on the continent is that of an Argentine who returned from Spain.

On Tuesday (24th), the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay activated an Epidemiological Alert Protocol regarding monkeypox. So far, there is only one suspected case in South America, that of an Argentine who returned from Spain.. Brazil also announced preventive measures.

The alert activated by Paraguay follows the recommendation of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which considers a possible outbreak of the disease on the continent. The virus that causes monkeypox originates in Africa and is endemic to countries such as the Congo and Nigeria, where there are the largest annual numbers of infections.

“Anyone with compatible symptoms (particularly rash) and a history of travel to areas where cases are recorded should practice social isolation, wear masks and seek care. If there is any suspicion, health teams should notify the national surveillance system immediately.” , as requested by the Ministry, in a note.

In addition to sores on places like the feet and hands, the most common symptoms are body aches, headaches, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. The incubation period is from five to 21 days. The human smallpox vaccine protects against the most severe form of the disease, which can take up to four weeks to recover.

Transmission occurs, in most cases, by close contact with the patient. Isolation, use of masks, constant hand hygiene, and separate washing of clothes and sheets have been evaluated as effective measures to contain the virus.

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The current outbreak is noted because this is the first time monkeypox has been transmitted between people who have not visited Africa. The latest bulletin from the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed 131 cases in 19 countries, with a focus on countries in Europe and North America.


Last Sunday (22) the Argentine Ministry of Health reported the first suspected case in South America, referring to a resident of the province of Buenos Aires who returned from a trip to Spain on the 16th. The man is in good health, and the first analyzes indicate a high degree of agreement with transmitted virus.

Oscar Alarcón, the health minister for the border county of Misiones, said caution is required. “In Argentina, today we have a suspected case, which is an alert for all health systems, but it is not something that should raise an alert in the whole population,” Alarcón considered, in an interview with Channel 12.


In Brazil, the Ministry of Health decided, on Monday (23), to establish an operating room “to monitor the monkeypox scenario (monkeypox) in Brazil. The procedure aims to develop a plan of action for tracking suspected cases and defining the clinical and laboratory diagnosis of the disease.

And the only Brazilian infected with the virus, until this news was published, is a tourist who was in Portugal and Spain and developed symptoms of the disease during his stay in Germany. The traveler is in isolation in the European country, his health is considered good, and there is no record of complications.

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