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Palmeiras vs. Sao Paulo: Where to watch the Paulistao final, the referees and the squad

Palmeiras vs. Sao Paulo: Where to watch the Paulistao final, the referees and the squad

In a match valid to leave the Paulista Final 2021, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo will face each other on Thursday (20) at 22 (Brasilia time), at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo.

The tracks of the teams differ in the competition. Verdau entered the play-off area for the knockout stage in the final round of the group stage and eliminated Red Bull Bragantino and Corinthians.

On the other hand, Tricolor had the best campaign overall, and because of that, he is entitled to play the second match, Sunday, 4:00 pm, at Morumbi Stadium. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, São Paulo defeated Verroviaria and Mirasol, respectively.

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Palmeiras will have the maximum decision-making power

Within the means available in the team, Abel Ferreira will use the maximum force against his rival São Paulo. The Portuguese coach used a reserve team mostly in this mid-week duel, against Defensa y Justicia, by the Libertadores, while the defending champions were kept and trained without restrictions on Wednesday (19).

With Luciano and Daniel Alves recovering, the two should return to the starting line-up of Sao Paulo for the final.

Luciano has already entered the second half of the last two matches and scored even against Mirasol on Sunday (16), in a 4–0 semi-final victory.
Daniel entered the second half of yesterday’s match against Racing.

Schedule, dispatch, refereeing, and potential formations: Palmeiras vs. São Paulo data

dataMay 20, 2021 Tuesday
Table: 10 pm (Brasilia time)
Sweetened: Allianz Parque, in Sao Paulo

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Rule: Flavio Rodriguez de Souza
Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gace, Anderson José de Moraes Coelho, and Salem Fendi Chavez
Where: Jose Claudio Rocha Filho, Fabricio Porfirio de Mora and Marcelo Ruggiero


– REDE GLOBO (TV broadcasts for the states of SP, PR, AM, ES, PA, TO, CE, PB, SE, PI, BA, RN, AL, MT, MA, AC, AP, RO, RR and DF) with Clipper narration Machado and the comments of Caio Ribeiro, Casagandi and Salvio Spinola in Central de Abito and in the reports Andre Hernan and Felipe Deniz
– SPORTV AND PREMIERE (pay-per-view TV) with Udine Ribeiro narration, comments by Alexander Luzetti (video), Rocky Junior and Sandro Mira Ricci in Central do Abito and in reports by Alexandre Oliveira and Renato Curie

Palm trees: Weaverton. Luoan, Gustavo Gómez, and Renan; Mike, Felipe Melo, Patrick De Paula and Victor Lewis; Raphael Vega Ron and Louise Adriano. idiomaticBy: Abel Ferreira.

Embezzlement: Marcus Rocha (injury to the left thigh), Gabriel Veron (injury to the left thigh), Brenno Lopez (injury to the right knee), Kosevic (injury to the right thigh) and Alain Emperor (special table);
spoon: no one.
suspended: Zee Raphael (sent off in the semi-finals);

Sao Paulo: Volpi; Arboleda, Miranda, and Leo; Daniel Alves, Luan Santos, Lizero, Benitez and Rinaldo; Luciano and Pablo. idiomatic: Hernan Crespo

Embezzlement: Idir (injured)
spoon: no one
suspended: no one