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Palmeiras trains at the soccer academy, and Caio Paulista plans a duel with Vasco.

Palmeiras trains at the soccer academy, and Caio Paulista plans a duel with Vasco.

Palmeiras will face Cruz Maltino next Thursday (13), at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), at Allianz Parque Stadium, in the Brazilian League.

Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras – Caption: Caio Paulista trained well at Verdão / Jogada10

Palmeiras continues to prepare for the confrontation against Vasco next Thursday (13), at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), at Allianz Parque Stadium. On Tuesday morning (11), coach Abel Ferreira led the technical work with specific concepts such as transitions, counterattacks and passing in the Football Academy.

After the activity, left-back Caio Paulista talked about the training match that was held last Saturday (8) between the Palmeiras team. He gave a wonderful individual performance that ended with Mike’s goal, which ensured the Green Team’s victory with a score of 2-1.

“We have been training every day, improving on all the issues that Professor Appel has given us, and I think it is very important that we play these training matches, especially against our team, which has great quality and is at a very high level. On a technical level, we are developing among ourselves, Thank God, I was able to perform well, and it was also good to communicate with the fans and applaud them, and now it is time to continue this work. I am able to do this during the matches to help Palmeiras in the best way.”

Caio Paulista praises the data of FIFA de Palmeiras

Alverde trained hard during Data FIFA, which was highly praised by Caio Paulista.

“It is very good because it gives you time to recover mentally. The work here in the academy is very good, as it has a great structure. We can carry out all the processes and develop in aspects such as strength and power. And in the team as well,” he explained: “We can add more on the technical side, it has given us “Abel has things to do during training so we can improve and be able to implement them in matches.”

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Finally, Caio Paulista spoke about Thursday’s match against Vasco.

“It’s a match we know will be very difficult. Vasco is a great team with great players. But Palmeiras, when they enter the field, they always enter to win, and this time, it will be no different. We will enter.” He concluded: “We must look for the three points and get them at home, because they will be very important for the championship sequence.”

Palmeiras is ranked seventh in the Brazilian League with 11 points and needs a win to get closer to the leaders. Currently, Flamengo and Bahia occupy the top two places with 14.

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