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Palmeiras lacked calm and left a warm heart in the hurricane

Palmeiras lacked calm and left a warm heart in the hurricane

Cold head, warm heart.

It’s the name of Abel Ferreira’s book.

Morello must not have read it. Felipe, yes.

Palmeiras needed to win the match on goal difference to reach the third final next Editors.

He scored a goal after 3 minutes with Scarpa. At the origin of the move, Fernandinho repeated his mistake against Belgium in the Russian Cup.

Palmeiras dominated the match. Ron took a push/elbow that deserves to be analyzed by VAR. has not been. Only yellow.

At the end of the first half, Murillo showed that the calm head is an illusion. He made a terrible mistake on Vitor Rock. yellow; called VAR. red.

Palmeiras came back with ten players and looked like he had 12. Gustavo Gomez scored the second goal with a side kick. Thiago Heleno and Pinto’s mistake.

Pinto, who saved the third with a kick from Gabriel Menino.

He dominated the match.

Then Almeida the Superman appeared. He paints an unlikely new hero in history football Brazilian. Pablo came and slowed.

After the goal, the hurricane had a warm heart. Came to take control. And Pablo, yes Pablo, gave Terrance a pass to score, with a deflection by Bequeries.

Well, Deyverson and Breno Lopes’ Palmeiras can’t complain about unexpected heroes.

And Abel must be sad. He, who showed Coca how to win another one, lost by a smaller margin. Perhaps Filippau saw that press conference.

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