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Palmeiras is one of the pioneers in the fight for gender equality in football - sport

Palmeiras is one of the pioneers in the fight for gender equality in football – sport

a Palm trees Feminino was created in 1997, with Verdão being one of the clubs in São Paulo that gave a head start to investing in the sport. Additionally, in December 2021, Laila Pereira She became the first elected female president of the club in 107 years of history. For these and other reasons, Alviverde is considered one of the pioneers in the fight for gender equality in sport.

In 2019, after seven years of inactivity, Palmeiras women’s team demonstrated the power of their ambitious project to be among the champions on and off the field. In the same year, he won the Paulista Cup and was awarded the classification to play in the A1 Series from Brazil.

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The following year, Ballestrinas reached the semi-finals of the national and state championships for the first time. Last season, the team arrived at the venue of the Copa Libertadores and was present in the Brazilian Championship.

The success of Palmeiras Feminino led to an unprecedented agreement with the team to sponsor 23 athletes.

One of the biggest problems with the so-called “main sponsorship” targeting the sport occurred at Verdau recently, when chief Leila Pereira ditched Crefisa, which she owns, on the team’s jersey. So far, Alfeiverdi Marketing Company is looking for other alternatives.


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This is just one of the criticisms that Leila has received since the beginning of her work at Palmeiras. Elected on December 15, 2021, she was the first woman to be sworn in as President in Verdau’s 107-year history.

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Leila Pereira, in fact, is the only woman to have finished first in a team out of all the clubs that competed in Serie A in the last Brazilian league.

– The first female president of a 107-year-old club to be sworn in. A woman named Leila Pereira. Very representative. It proves that Palmeiras belongs to everyone. from everything! I feel very happy – she said the moment she received the news that she would take the position.

Because he has not signed any striker for the 2022 season, in addition to changing some things behind the scenes at Alfeverde Club, the president of Palmeiras is under criticism from the fans. But this says more about the great previous administration than the current one.

Despite this, Verdau’s role and support for fans in the fight for gender equality in football is well known. Like some other clubs in the country, Palmeiras is striving to continue its quest for recognition of the space of women and to prove that they can exist anywhere.