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Palmeiras finishes preparations to face América-MG; See potential lineup

a Palm trees On Wednesday morning, at the Football Academy, he finished preparations for the America-MG match for the Brazilian Championship.

After warming up, the players practice passing, crosses and shooting from top and bottom. After that, they split into two teams, and played recreational training on a small court.

For the match against Coelho, coach Abel Ferreira still has to not count on Rafael Navarro and Rooney, both of whom have thigh injuries. Gilson (recovering from a right knee injury) and Jorge (trauma to the right knee) are also missing.

On the other hand, Verdao will be able to count on Miguel Merintel and Jose Manuel Lopez, the team’s boosters in this transfer window.

Possibly the Palmeiras for the game: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo, Pequerez (Vanderlan); Danilo, costume of Raphael; Scarpa, Vega, Dodo; Gabriel Veron (José Lopez).

Palmeiras and America-MG will face each other this Thursday, at 8pm (Brazilian time), at Independencia Stadium, in Belo Horizonte (MG).

Ferdao leads the Brazilian League with 33 points, two points behind the vice-captain Atlético MG, with 31 points. And in the last round, Abel Ferreira’s men beat Cuiaba 1-0, with a goal from Gabriel Veron.

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