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Palmeiras ends the first chapter of the cast recast with Abel |  Palm trees

Palmeiras ends the first chapter of the cast recast with Abel | Palm trees

Against Vasco, Palmeiras will seek their first win as the home team

Nearly a month ago, Abel Ferreira announced the need for changes in Palm trees“We’ll have to revamp it, but I love it,” the coach said. There are still the missing invitations to the Copa America, the farewell of Endrik, the opening of the transfer windows and the consequent start of important changes in the black and white team. Now, this is the first step in reframing.

Abel Ferreira during Palmeiras training at the Football Academy – Photography: Cesar Greco

Striker Estevao is also on the negotiated list and has yet to sign a contract with Chelsea, but he is still 17-years-old and will remain at the club until next season. Palm trees.

Effects of Copa America…and DM

At the same time, the team loses three more, albeit temporarily.

First for the medical department: Bruno Rodriguez. The striker was about to return from injury after undergoing surgery on his right knee, but he suffered a new tear, this time in the patellar tendon of his left knee, and he returned to recovery again.

Leaked photos of the moment Bruno Rodriguez was injured in Palmeiras

The other two players are absent from the Copa America squad: defender Gustavo Gomez and midfielder Richard Rios, with the Paraguay and Colombia national teams, in addition to Endrik with Brazil.

Pécrez is excluded from Uruguay and should strengthen Palmeiras

In the opposite direction of history, there are two – or even three – arrivals expected over the next few months.

Firstly, there is an expectation for the return of striker Dudu, who has recovered from surgery on his right knee, has resumed training with Alverde’s group and is close to returning to the field, although he will also need to regain his playing rhythm.

Dodo is supposed to return to Palmeiras in the match against Vasco

From July onwards (window opens on the 10th),… Palm trees You can count on Felipe Anderson, who has a prior contract from the former, arriving to bolster Alviverde’s attack. In addition to him, he hopes to reach a deal with Agustin Giay, after he offered $7.5 million to Argentine club San Lorenzo to sign the right-back and midfielder.

Palmeiras make an offer for full-back Augustin Gueye from San Lorenzo

Verdau has not yet agreed to sign a new defender, but the possibility is open in the team with Luan’s departure. Currently, the team has Murilo, Gomez (in the Copa America) and Naves among the options, or Marcos Rocha if he is improvised.

escalation Palm trees Therefore, the second half of 2024 is shaping up differently in regards to the team that started the year in Verdau.

Palmeiras training before the match against Vasco – Photo: Cesar Greco/Paleiras

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