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Palmeiras ends his preparations to face Cuiaba and changes must be made in the starting line-up

Palmeiras ends his preparations to face Cuiaba and changes must be made in the starting line-up

a Palm trees He trained on Friday afternoon (14), at the Academia de Futebol, and finished his preparations for the first time in Brazilian Against Cuiaba, Saturday (15th), 4pm, at Allianz Park. After the formal introduction of reinforcements Arthur that it Richard RiosVerdau’s Technical Committee ordered tactical activities with an emphasis on confrontation.

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Abel Ferreira separated the two teams on the field and directed positioning and movements, among other aspects. After a disagreement over entertaining rehearsal, the cast rehearsed dead balls while a portion of the players rehearsed for submissions.

It should be noted that Palmeiras does not allow journalists to follow the team’s training. In this way, information is provided by the club’s press office.

For Saturday’s game, Verdau has a long list of absences. Piquerez and Bruno Tabata are in transition, but they shouldn’t be released yet. Ronnie, Vega, Mikey and Atoista are in the medical section. Gilson, in turn, solves personal problems.

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However, Abel Ferreira has returned to Artur, who cannot play in the Copa do Brasil. With that said, the trend is that he can win a place in the attack. Lopez and John John will be the favorites to go to the reserves, so Artur can play both on the wing and in the middle. One confirmed change is the return of Murilo, who will replace Luan, starting against Tombense.

The possible lineup is: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murillo and Vanderlaan; Ze Raphael, Gabriel Menino, and Artur (John John); Dudu, Indrik and Flaco Lopez (Artur).

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Palmeiras starts the Brazilian League with the position of the greatest champion in the competition (11 titles, followed by Santos with eight titles). In addition, Saturday’s match will mean a special mark for Abel Ferreira’s technical committee, which will complete 200 matches before Verdau. Goals accepted. This will be the third commission in the club’s history to reach the mark in the same segment, equaling that of Filipao – 1997 to 2000 – 254 matches, and Osvaldo Brandao – 1971 to 1975 – 283 matches.