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Palmeiras beats Sao Paulo in Chuke Rei against Copeña, who was marked by a victory over the fans at the end and goes to the final

Palmeiras beats Sao Paulo in Chuke Rei against Copeña, who was marked by a victory over the fans at the end and goes to the final

With a goal from Giovanni, Palmeiras beat Sao Paulo at the Arena Barueri and it is in Copina’s decision in 2022. The match fans invaded the stadium in injury time

the Palm trees He is in decision Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup 2022! This Saturday (22), in Choque-Rei played at Arena Barueri, and Alverady have won Sao Paulo 1-0 in the semi-finals and return to the final competition after 19 years.

The only goal in the match was scored by Giovanni No. 7 Palmeiras, and is still in the first minutes of the first stage.

Now, Palmeiras argues the new classics in the competition final, against Santos, on January 25, the anniversary of the city of São Paulo.

Palmeiras’ top scorer so far in the competition with 5 goals, the feeling indrik The semi-finals started on the bench.

Once the ball was rolled, the first half was busy at Arena Barueri. Palmeiras started outperforming, stifling defense tricolor 4 minutes later, the recording opened.

After Pablo’s fatal foul, Giovanni stole the ball at the entrance to the area and advanced and hit the goal to make the score 1-0 in the Coppinha Classics.

The São Paulo team progressed in the match after 10 minutes. Caio gave a pass to Vitigno, who entered the back of the defense and collided with goalkeeper Mateus. The ball hit the post and went out.

In the 14th minute, it was the turn of goalkeeper Alverde to shine. Maioli shot hard inside the area, but Matthews was alert and made a good shock.

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Sao Paulo dominated the second half, and practically did not leave the attack in the last 45 minutes. In injury time, in the 48th minute, it was tricolor Hit the ball on the post again.

Palmeiras, in turn, knew how to manage his superiority, remained in the defensive match and came out with victory.

In the last minutes, the semi-finals witnessed unfortunate scenes. Some Sao Paulo fans – the only fans present in the Barueri stadium – invaded the stadium and headed towards the Palmeiras players. Even a knife set in the field. The match was stopped for a few minutes and then resumed.

Endrik participated only in the second half, and for the first time in this Copa Cup, he spent an empty match, without scoring a single goal.

In the end, Palmeiras coach Paulo Victor Gomez outplayed rookie Alex, captain of the São Paulo U-20 team.

In the final!

Unbeaten in competition, now with seven wins and one draw, Palmeiras will play for the first time in 19 years in the Copina Final. The last time was in 2003, when he was deputy to Santo Andre. I’m 1970, o Alverady He also finished in second place, this time for Corinthians.

Palmeiras will now have another chance to win the long-awaited title, which has not yet entered the exhibition of club achievements at the base.

On the other hand, São Paulo has won the Copeña tournament four times and has not won the tournament since 2019. In all, the club has scored 11 finals in its history.

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Oh my love: Hey guys

Especially in the first half, No. 7 Palmeiras did well. He was responsible for scoring the only goal of the match, his third in Kupina, and taking his team to the final.