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Ozzy Osbourne: Madman reveals real reason for returning to UK: 'I don't want to die in America'

Ozzy Osbourne: Madman reveals real reason for returning to UK: ‘I don’t want to die in America’

Black Sabbath’s legendary original singer, Ozzy Osbourne She opened up about her decision to move from Los Angeles to her native England. said the madman, who turned 73 last December the observer He said he was “exhausted” by the number of mass shootings in America. He also said he did not want to die in America, one of the many stars buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

Ozzy and his wife and manager Sharon, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in July, plan to spend most of their time at their property in Buckinghamshire, UK. When asked why they were returning home after a long day in California, Sharon insisted that it had nothing to do with Ozzy’s health. (Ozzy had surgery in June to remove and realign pins in his neck and back from a fall in 2019.) He said:

"Eu sabia que as pessoas pensariam isso. Não é. É apenas o tempo. A América mudou tão drasticamente. Não é os Estados Unidos da América. Nada está unido sobre isso. É um lugar muito estranho para se viver agora."

Ozzy added:

"Tudo é ridículo lá. Estou farto de pessoas sendo mortas todos os dias. Deus sabe quantas pessoas foram baleadas em tiroteios em escolas. E houve aquele tiroteio em massa, em Las Vegas, naquele show ... É uma loucura. E eu não quero morrer na América. Eu não quero ser enterrado na p*&%@ do Forest Lawn. Eu sou inglês. Eu quero estar de volta. Mas, dizendo isso, se minha esposa disse que temos que ir e morar em Timbuktu (nota da redação: Mali), eu vou. Mas, não, está na hora de eu voltar para casa."

In March, the Glass He said Ozzy And Sharon California’s tax hikes forced them to leave Los Angeles and return to their native United Kingdom. Quoting Ozzy, the article says: “We’re leaving LA. We’re a little sad. But the taxes are getting high. I’m sad because I really enjoy living there.” He added: “I might come back if they make the lines better. I don’t know. I’m taking my recording studio with me. I’m going to build a shed there and build my own studio in Welders. I’ll still be making music and my band will come.

Last November, Ozzy’s previously announced European tour with a guest appearance with Judas Priest, scheduled for 2019, was rescheduled three times. The new dates will now take place in May and June 2023.

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Source: Blabbermouth.net

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