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Owners find a pet cat that has been missing for ten years

Owners find a pet cat that has been missing for ten years

Owners of a pet cat in Aberdeen, Scotland, received unexpected news last week. Neil and Lucy Henderson rediscover their missing pet for over ten years. Forbes, as the cat is called, was found by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) about 3 kilometers from where it was lost in March 2011. Community officials were able to identify it thanks to a microchip implanted in your. leather.

“When Forbes disappeared, we were upset. We’ve had it since he was a cat and we had a very special bond,” Neil Henderson told the SPCA.

The association was called last week by a resident of the area who saw the cat in the streets. According to SPCA Animal Rescue Officer Greg Stephenson, Forbes, now 12, was tender and needed veterinary attention for fleas and mites.

Forbes’ owners, Neil and Lucy Henderson, searched for the animal for months after its disappearance, when the cat was still a kitten. At the time, the couple went door to door in their neighborhood with posters asking if anyone had seen the animal.

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