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Owner Blows Tesla Car With Dynamite After Paying A Fortune To Repair It - 12/28/2021

Owner Blows Tesla Car With Dynamite After Paying A Fortune To Repair It – 12/28/2021

Finn Thomas Katainen blew up his Tesla Model S after the car spent a month in the workshop. He made a drastic decision when the mechanic informed him that a repair electric car It will cost 20,000 euros, equivalent to about 127,000 Brazilian reais, to replace the batteries in question.

Purchased brand new in 2013, the sedan was about 930 miles or 1,497 km when it broke down.

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The blast was posted on Youtube and so far (19) has over 2.8 million views.


The explosion took place in a quarry in the municipality of Al-Jaala, where the owner of the car and his team put 33 kilograms of dynamite in the car.

Katainen claims his Model S was a great car until it broke down.

“It was an excellent car,” but the problems began. “So the error codes arrived.”

The cost of a new Tesla Model S equivalent to your car is about 95 thousand US dollars (541.5 thousand Brazilian reals). The owner thought it was better to blow up the car in exchange for a YouTube rating and a bonus than to get it fixed.

The event wouldn’t be complete without Elon Musk – who obviously didn’t attend. However, the team chartered a helicopter to fly over the site of the explosion and drop a crash test dummy with a picture of the Tesla boss plastered on its face.

Tesla Model S was seen with sticks of dynamite attached to the bodywork before it was literally blown up

Photo: reproduction

Tesla has been getting a lot of negative comments lately. The automaker is dealing with some pressure from the US government after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a video game built into the car you work with on the go. Tesla responded quickly and agreed to disable the “Passenger Play” feature of 580,000 brand cars.

Last month, Tesla also recalled 11,700 vehicles due to a malfunction in its semi-autopilot driving system, after NHTSA investigated 11 accidents since 2018 involving the company’s vehicles.

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