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"Out the back door"

“Out the back door”

A commentator on Disney Sports has compared clips of Douglas Costa in Grêmio and Renato Gaúcho in Flamengo

Dennis AbrahamVice President of Football in SyndicateHe stated in an interview with Darcy Filho that Douglas Costa won’t stay until 2022. The player, who arrived at the club he revealed, did not give up as expected and entered into a controversy in the last stage that culminated in the relegation of the league. everlasting to me B . series.

This Tuesday (14), like EliasCommentator on sports channels Disneyduring the program F90, he mentioned that the attacking midfielder leaves the Gaucho club through the back door and compares the star’s pass with the pass Renato Gaucho fur flamingo The way they arrived and how they left without compromising what was expected.

Given the size he got, Douglas Costa was with Grêmio the way Renato got to Flamengo. Arrived great. Same as Douglas Costa. He goes out the back door not only by the four lines, but by his behavior Which boosted his production the most for me.”

In response to a question from a fan during an interview with Darci Filho Channel, Dennis Abraho said, that fan requests will be listened to. In addition to Douglas Costa, Alison It’s another one that didn’t stay until 2022.

He began by saying: “They will attend. The masses of Grêmio are obligatory.”

I don’t know if he says goodbye to Gremio. He calls himself Gremio. He called me to say he was getting married, so I said, “Let’s finish the contract now.” It’s not like that,” Douglas said. How could that not be so? Eve playoff. “He said he had an appointment with a doctor.” It’s your problem with him. Do what you want, make the decision you want, my position is that you will not stop training to get married, you are already married. That simple,” he continued.

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with fall B . seriesFor financial reasons, Grêmio would need to recast the cast. Douglas Costa, who arrived as a sensational signature, did not deliver what was expected on the field and became one of the names of the Rio Grande do Sul boat.