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Ottaviano Costa: The Internet has changed the world of entertainment

Ottaviano Costa: The Internet has changed the world of entertainment

Two years after leaving the nation’s largest broadcaster, the broadcaster is assessing his career on the Internet and talking backstage TV.

A true Swiss TV knife, Ottaviano Costa paved his way as a presenter by taking everything thrown in his direction: He started with VJ on MTV – when the profession was any young man’s dream in the 1990s – but he was also an actor on a soap opera, introducing a character in a remake Escolinha released by Professor Raymondo and named it Disney Cartoon. When he was on the Rede Globo, he was impatient, slipped into the broadcaster’s shows for ten years, from the Amor & Sexo ao Vídeo Show, until he finally won, Tá Brincando, which premiered in 2019. However, victory had a bittersweet taste: Globo became more and more a single globo, while I wanted to be a multi-octave. “

The lack of freedom to play the board and the uncertainty with the second season premiere was the catalyst for breaking an employment contract, which is still in place for a year, and throwing yourself online. Initially, he used YouTube to vent out what came out of a brand new studio he set up in Rio de Janeiro. Then came Uol and Otalab, broadcast live every Thursday through the news portal.

Today, with influencers Whindersonn Nunes and Felipe Neto as an example, the presenter says he is in control of his fate. In an interview with Journey FM, Ottaviano details the change in his career, talks backstage on TV and family, and comments on the present moment in Brazil. Hear the show on Spotify, in the play below, or read an excerpt from the interview below.

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short trip. You put together a strategy and career plan and end up hitting the number one spot for a lot of people, presenting a show on the Rede Globo. Then, on his own initiative, he decided to leave. How was that?

Ottaviano Costa. It was truly been a great ten years at Globo. I was very happy there with all the projects, from Amor & Sexo to the Video Show. Soaps, too: drama schools alongside great teachers. The station was going through a turning moment and I was feeling anxious, too. I joke Globo became one of the Globe and I became many Octavians. When I asked for a new challenge, because I’ve been on the stage for five years, I was hoping to win a program in which I could demonstrate this diversity: singing, dancing, playing, interpreting and crying. But Tá Brincando shook me. I have so much energy, I’m so touched by what I’m doing. That was when she decided to leave and planned to build a studio. I realized my happiness was much greater, regardless of the money issue. This was the decision most affected by the happiness of my life. In less than two years, I have accomplished amazing things that I could never have imagined I would achieve in this way even in my best dreams.

It’s funny because perhaps one of your key qualities is also something getting in your way, which is the fact that you are totally eclectic, and probably won’t fit in any drawer. Is this logical? It is, but the world has changed. I have my band, I’m on TV series, I’m doing my voice acting for Disney, I’m working as a radio broadcaster … at that time, it became a problem because I really told her: I have to be online. When I was working on Salve Jorge, I wanted to leave Globo to be able to dedicate myself as a communicator. That was when I got started on Amor & Sexo. The multi-talented school is best explored in the United States. I think this method intersects with Brazil online. See what Whindersson Nunes is doing: movies, singing serious and beautiful songs, getting you digital, making you cry, and making you laugh. It could be him. This group has reinvented the entertainment paradigm.