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Osasco takes a stand after Fred Nicácio claims Key Alves has been kicked out of the club

Osasco takes a stand after Fred Nicácio claims Key Alves has been kicked out of the club

Osasco took a stand after Fred Nicasio stated that K Alves had been fired from the volleyball club. Last Wednesday, in “Casa do Rincontro”, dynamic between BBB 23 has been eliminated This would bring the reality back to the fact that the most voted participant by the public, “The Doctor” told the other brothers that the libero had her contract terminated by the club due to pressure from sponsors. In addition, he explained that players from the Osasco team came to him to say that the athlete was not a good person.

– Did you know that she was expelled from her club? The sponsors demanded Osasco’s resignation. People from her team have come to me to tell me what a terrible person she is. Is that good for you? from her team! That they play with it and they come looking for me, ‘Fred, the key is this, the key is that’ – shoot Nicácio.

in contact with Throw!Osasco took a stand on Fred Nicasio’s accusations. According to the volleyball team, the player is licensed to join the program and currently has an exclusive contract with Grupo Globo. The attitude towards the relationship between the team and Key and her involvement in the BBB has remained the same since she entered the most watched house in the country.

– The club has informed that, at the player’s request, she has been licensed by the team to join the BBB. And it continues that way as she continues her exclusive contract with Rede Globo – according to Osasco, who has been continuing the same stance on the athlete since entering Brazil’s most watched home.

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Key Alves asked to leave the team and take part in BBB 23. In October last year, she suffered from a Severe left knee ligament injuryHowever, she did not undergo surgery and entered the program shortly thereafter. If you choose to return to the courts in the near future, you will have to have the surgery done on site.

Kee’s manager confirmed, on social media, that the accusations were unfounded. Even Fernanda Pashua stated that defamation would not go unpunished.

– I am her volleyball manager and we have a current contract with the club. We haven’t had any problems with sponsors. Libel and defamation will not pass – fired.

Libero’s contract with Osasco, as well as that of the other team athletes led by Luizomar, expires at the end of the 2022/23 Superliga. The most important national volleyball competition ends on May 7.