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Order food on TikTok?  In the United States, this will soon be possible

Order food on TikTok? In the United States, this will soon be possible

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  • In March 2022, TikTok plans to launch the Dark Kitchen of Food Delivery in the United States;

  • The idea is that the planned menu is all taken from recipes created and shared on the video platform;

  • The purpose is to ensure that the menus are changed every three months and that the accumulated money is distributed among the creator and distributor of the content.

Big companies are increasingly looking to upgrade themselves to stay in the game. Therefore, media-sharing processor TikTok plans to launch Dark Kitchen Food Delivery in the US in March next year. That’s what you read.

Also the entire planned menu will be drawn from recipes created and shared by the creators of the content on the video platform.

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The idea is the result of a partnership between Bite Dance, the Chinese company responsible for the app, and Virtual Dining Concepts. It plans to launch the project with 300 companies and open more than a thousand units by 2022.

The aim is to follow the virus trends on the platform and change the menus every three months. Proceeds from the sale will be distributed among those who created the recipe and shared the video.

According to the company, the revenue will be distributed to support the creators who promoted the food on the menu and to encourage other users to express themselves on the social network.

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