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Online?  no more!  Use the new WhatsApp trick to ``hide'

Online? no more! Use the new WhatsApp trick to “hide’

Messaging apps make everyday life easier, but it is also seen as something that violates privacy. You come home after work, and Co-worker Who still has the business to see you online and then start asking for help? And that little thing you want to avoid? Learn a trick to prevent people from seeing you online on WhatsApp.

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Not many people know, but it will be possible to choose who can see you online! This is a way to earn more aggregate On the Internet and block unwanted communications, especially on rest days and times.

WhatsApp trick: online or not?

The new option is available to users. The much talked about WhatsApp trick works like this: You will have to make a privacy tweak in the app’s Settings to start using it.

This change will be available to everyone using the app later this month. So, remember to keep the latest version of Blue White so you don’t miss anything the Meta releases!

According to a recent post on the official blog, “We introduced the ability to decide who can and can’t see you when you’re online,” the messaging tool team announced. The novelty, it was said, will be released gradually and in the coming days. It applies to both Android and iOS phones.

Aharon Sources WhatsApp should release it soon.

In order not to be left out of the changes and to be among the first to use the new, keep an eye on your application settings. The option is expected to be released at any time. Considering that everything is made in-house a toolit will be very easy to activate the configuration.

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Mark Zuckerberg also announced two new privacy-related features. It will be about the list of previous participants in groups and lock screen capture. All news and Updates We strive to meet the demands of WhatsApp users who are looking for a better and more complete experience.