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OneWeb buys trust lust to serve the US government

OneWeb buys trust lust to serve the US government

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A OneWeb The acquisition of the North American company was announced on Monday, 10th Trust com. In addition, the Low Orbit Satellite Operator (Leo) hopes to create a new subsidiary to serve the US government.

Based in Texas, Trustcom has been providing managed satellite communications to governments and businesses since 1999. The terms of the transaction are kept confidential; Regulatory approval and conclusion of the agreement is expected in 2021.

“Acquisition supports our strategy for rapid measurement of satellite communications service United States Department of Defense and other public agenciesDylan Brown, head of government services at OneWeb, said in a statement released by the galaxy.

To this end, a subsidiary will be formed under the leadership of current Trust.com CEO Bob Rowe. “The tradition of the Trust Com Customer-centric support groups allow us to expand the portfolio of services we offer. This is an exciting development and we hope to take our government business to new heights next year, ”he said.


OneWeb hopes to provide a wide range of liaison services with the United States Department of Defense (DOT) Up to 195 Mbps, Low latency and “significant savings compared to traditional Geo sales models” (geography), according to the report.

Satellite company Leo already held a demonstration of the telecommunications system for DOT in March, with data rates of up to 500 Mbps and 32 milliseconds (MS) of delay in test conditions.

Onweb plans to offer business services in the Arctic Ocean region by the end of 2021, expanding service globally from next year to 648 art galleries. Recently, the company acquired Utelsat as a new partner in addition to the government UK And the Indian team Bharti.

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