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OnePlus phones will get up to four years of upgrades after integrating with OPPO

OnePlus phones will get up to four years of upgrades after integrating with OPPO

a oneplus It recently released the new update schedule, which covers most of the mobile phones released over the past few years. Under the new calendar, the Chinese manufacturer will offer updates of up to four years to users.

This improvement came after the brand merged with Oppo ممن. Both companies belong to the BBK group and have had a certain internal partnership for some time, but now they have announced a full integration of their teams.

Thanks to this union, OnePlus will now save more update coverage time for its mobile phones, with flagship phones launched since then. OnePlus 8 Three major Android OS updates plus four years of security updates, with new patches released periodically.

For brand intermediaries, coverage will be slightly lower – OnePlus announced that the Nord line will receive two major OS updates and three years of security updates. For Nord N series entry-level models, only one major Android update will be released.

However, it is important to note that the flagships released before the OnePlus 8, which stands for OnePlus 7 series, are included in the old update plan of the brand. This means that these models only receive two major Android updates and three years of security patches.

Models starting with the OnePlus 8 will get up to three Android updates and four years of security updates (Photo: Playback/OnePlus)

Integration between OxygenOS and ColorOS

In addition to revealing the new calendar, OnePlus has also announced that it will integrate the OxygenOS and ColorOS codebase, custom interfaces and OPPO, respectively.

According to the brand, this integration will be conservative and should only be observed “behind the scenes” of the interfaces, so users of the two brands’ devices likely won’t notice any difference in navigation in the near future.

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Source: AndroidCentral

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