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Oncoclínicas anuncia construção de Cancer Center em parceria com a Unimed-RJ

Oncoclínicas announces the creation of a Cancer Center in partnership with Unimed-RJ – Health Sector

NS Clinical Oncology Group Advertise in Related fact Tuesday night (9) which occurred a “Binding Memorandum of Understanding – MOU” with Unimed-RJ to build a Hospital Center of Excellence for Cancer Care.

The Cancer Center will be operated and controlled by Oncoclínicas and will require an investment of R$117.5 million. The structure will be built with Unimed Hospital, on Avenida Ayrton Sina, No. 2550, in the Barra da Tijuca district.

“The operation will require a total investment by the company in the amount of R$117,500,000 over the next two years to implement an excellent hospital center dedicated exclusively to the treatment and integrated, complete care of cancer patients, including diagnosis, integrated pathology, hospitalization, chemotherapy injections, surgeries, bone marrow transplants and continuing care. The Cancer Center will be operated and controlled by Oncoclínicas (50.01% of the equity held by Oncoclínicas, with the remaining 49.99% of the equity held by Unimed-RJ) and will also accept patients from other health plan operators, as well as Unimed-RJ itself,” an excerpt says from the document.

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