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On the sad day the entertainment giant ended its activities

On the sad day the entertainment giant ended its activities

Remember the sad day when a huge corporation shut down its activities

On Monday (29), TV Foco gathered some curiosities about an entertainment giant that, after all, wasn’t very successful.

For those who don’t know, TV Cinesom was a Brazilian dubbing studio based in Rio de Janeiro.

It all started in 1960, after several productions from the United States had set off in Brazil, TV Tupi decided to open its own dubbing studio in order to create a new source of income for the company.

Thus, in July 1960, TV Cinesom was founded, with its first headquarters in the Botafogo neighborhood.

However, in 1967, TV Cinesom was negotiated with TV Tupi Group, which was owned by businessman and producer Victor Barbara.

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Dubbing studio (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
Dubbing studio (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

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As a result, the studio ended up in a complicated situation due to TV Tupi’s financial difficulty and also the strong competition with other dubbing studios in Rio de Janeiro.

With this, the company had to obtain loans to enable the establishment of a studio, and the purchase of more dubbing and mixing equipment. But he only managed to buy low-quality or even used equipment.

At the time, I was still working with well-known and experienced voice actors, who did an excellent job. However, with the lack of quality in their production, the sound was very muffled and some even squeaked.

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Even for those who don’t remember, TV Cinesom, before it all got bad, even dubbed a hugely successful series like The Fugitive and even the third season of Batman.

The Fugitive movie (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
The Fugitive movie (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
First recording of Batman dubbing (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
First recording of Batman dubbing (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

When did the company end its activities?

In 1968, Assis Chateaubriand, founder and owner of TV Tupi, died, after which the place went through a financial crisis that affected all companies in the group.

As a result, TV Cinesom’s expenses were no longer paid and lost a lot due to lack of quality.

With no money to invest in improvements and renewal of equipment and with few customers, the entertainment company ended its activities in March 1971.

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