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On Jô's debut, Ciara was drawn into a draw with Atletico

On Jô’s debut, Ciara was drawn into a draw with Atletico

Ciara was unable to break the siege imposed on the Atletico reserve, this Saturday (27), and the match ended 0-0. The match, which was held in the Arena Castellao and is valid for the 24th round of Brazil, was Joe’s first home match.

On the field, the striker managed to produce good chances in the second stage, when he entered. The team’s new coach, Lucho González, watched the match from the stands.

On the other hand, due to the preparation for the first match of the semi-finals of EditorsCoach Filipao chose to send reserves to the field, and saved his holders for the match on Tuesday (30), against Palmeiras. The Brazilian national team is in fifth place with 39 points.

Ciara will have a week off and will return to play next Sunday (4) against Flamengo. With 12 draws in 24 matches, the team is 15th in the competition with 27 points.

Sera is dangerous at first

It didn’t take long for Vozão to be in danger. In four minutes, Mendonza crossed into the head of Vazquez, who veered; Anderson, attentive, saved Atletico with a fine save. At the age of twenty, Vina scored with Nino Paraíba and kicked from outside the area, the ball passed close to the goal.
The homeowners’ best chance was a pretty bad loser. On 28, Vina took a corner kick at the first post and Mendonza alone could not clear the ball that was on the post.

Atletico returned after two minutes with Vitor Bueno. He risked a powerful shot from outside the area, but went to the right of the goal and Joao Ricardo defended. Then, at 37, Pedrinho took a corner kick and Romulo turned away from it as well.

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In the next move, Fena and Mendonza made a good plot on the left side of the attack. The Colombian invaded the penalty area and kicked with his right foot, threatening the goal defended by Anderson.

At 44, Atletico again stepped up in a counterattack with Romulo. He rolled to Vitor Bueno, who once again got a good kick. This time, Joao Ricardo jumped to block the first goal of the match.

The second half has the debut of Jô .

Immediately after the break, Ciara first promoted for Joe, replacing Mateus Peixoto. The striker fired the charge and began to use it in team attacks. Called to set up tables with Vina, Richardson and Vásquez, but bids were unsuccessful.

The match followed the same logic as the first stage, with more attacks from Ciara, while Atletico defended. On 29, Veena took a free kick and closed the ball. Mateus Felipe of the visiting team twisted her thigh and sent her off before Joe arrived.

The attacker tried again four minutes later. He kicked from the edge of the area but without much force and Anderson defended the ball easily. Joe, 38, made the round about Fina, who dribbled past two Atletico players inside the penalty area and ended up running, but Anderson was alert and fit for the ball.

The best chance came in the 45th minute. Bruno Pacheco played for Mendonza in the left corner of the penalty area. The Colombian crossed into the middle for Joe, who managed to head the ball into the middle of two defenders but sent the ball away.

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data sheet

Ciara 0 x 0 Atletico Paranaense
reason: Round 24 of the Brazilian Championship
Date: 08/27/2022
place: Castellan
hour: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)
Auxiliaries: Fabrino Bevilacqua Costa (FIFA-SP) and Daniel Paolo Zioli (SP)
Video referee (VAR): Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral (VAR-FIFA)
yellow cards: Nicholas Hernandez (CAP)
red cards:

Ciara: Joao Ricardo Nino Paraíba, Lucas Ribeiro, Marcos Victor (Mesías), Bruno Pacheco; Richardson (Eric), Richard and Fina; John Vasquez (Lima), Mendoza and Matthews Peixoto (Joe). Coach: Juca Antonello.

Athlete: Anderson. Orejuela (Bryan García), Matheus Felipe, Nico Hernández and Pedrinho; Eric and Matthews Fernandez and Vitor Bueno (Leo Citadini); Romulo, Vitinho (Coelho) and Vitor Roque (Pablo). Coach: Felipe.