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Olivia Rodrigo simultaneously returns to the top of the UK Albums and Songs chart - MUSIC

Olivia Rodrigo simultaneously returns to the top of the UK Albums and Songs chart – MUSIC

Olivia Rodrigo It returned to #1 on the UK singles and albums charts simultaneously with “SOUR” and “good 4“.she still has two more songs in the top 20.”traitor“He took the ninth and new position.”favorite crimeFor the first time on the 17th.

Who had the best appearance this week was KSI With “holiday“Who came straight to second place. Another highlight in the ranking is the Italians moon light. The band that won Eurovision is withI want to be your slaveThe song that won the festival took the sixth place, while “seem’Shot from 73 to 10.

in the top 40″Remember (with David Guetta)” from Becky Hill (22 degrees) e”teach them” from maple (38 degrees).

The top ten looked like this:

1 – “good 4“- Olivia Rodrigo (same center)
2 – “holiday“- KSI (for the first time)
3 – “save your tears“- week (drop position)
4 – “Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)“- doja cat (drop position)
5 – “Anthem of Heartbreak (with Little Mix, David Guetta)Galantis (drop position)
6 – “I want to be your slave“- moon light (top position)
7 – “Oliver Twist“- urdu (drop position)
8 – “good without“- Meme web (top position)
9 – “traitor“- Olivia Rodrigo (drop position)
10 – “seem’“- moon light (up to 63 jobs)

album arrangement

The week saw five new releases on the album chart, three of which were in the top 10. The best of them was “Carnage,” which Nick how and Warren Ellis, which was released last February, but that, for now, has won its physical version. The job was in third place.

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“One foot in front of the other”, mixtape de griff Came right next, in fourth place, while “Consequences”, by the veteran joan armatrading, came in tenth place.

Below are the new albums of two bands who have been away from the studios for a long time. Germans Halloween, with his album called (24) and the Norwegians from comfort kingsCom “Peace or Love” (26 degrees).

Check out the top 10:

1 – “Acid“- Olivia Rodrigo (same center)
2 – “Back the Way We Came It: Vol. 1“- Noel Gallagher’s high-flying birds (drop position)
3 – “massacre“- Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (for the first time)
4 – “One foot in front of the other“- griff (for the first time)
5 – “nostalgia for the future“- Dua Lipa (up to three positions)
6 – “Inside (songs) – Bo Burnham (for the first time)
7 – “Hall of Fame“- Polo G (down four positions)
8 – “Life by Misadventure“- Raj N Bone Man (above two jobs)
9 – “Highlight“- weekend (above two jobs)
10- ‘Consequences’ – joan armatrading (for the first time)

Source: firefly