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Olivia Rodrigo has had the biggest hit of the year in the UK so far

Rise Olivia Rodrigo The meteor was at the pinnacle of global music. The success of his first three solos was no doubt the singer’s biggest revelation of the year, and it marked the epidemics that brought the pop role back to the top of the music charts. Beyond the borders of the United States, Nina’s translator at HSM caught British ears and was the biggest hit of the year so far in the UK.

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Driving licenseIt tops the list of 40 most successful singles released in 2021 Official charts This Thursday (8). The song has sold over 1 million copies in the UK and is the first week in 15 years to top the UK charts. Knorls are crazy about Barclay, 2006.

Rodrigo holds two other places in the rankings: tenth “Good 4U ”, Which was above Chart For five weeks, and “Already seen“, It reached the first 5 songs Dua Lipa, Kid Loroy, Lil Nass X, Weekend Complete the first 10:

1. Driving license
2. Wellerman
3. Business
4. Montero (call me by your name)
5. Save your tears
6. Leaving
7. Friday
8. Physical
9. Without you
10. Good 4U

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Singer also had the biggest first half album in the UK

Even with its strong fan base in the United States, the Disney star did not top the British charts and topped the list of best-selling albums in the United Kingdom throughout the year. Two albums released in 2020 complete Top 3: “Nostalgia for the Future” Dua Lipa, And “Fine Line” Harry Styles.

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1 SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
2 Future nostalgia, Dua Liba
3 Fine Line, Harry Styles
4 Best Wins, Queen
Aimed at the shooter moon for 5 stars, pop smoke