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“old, intransigent and selfish”; Romário and Bebeto arrange a “fight” and the Flamengo champions assume a separation


The former Robro-Negro strikers exchange provocations in interviews and the duo separates Treta

Photo: Que Papinho! / YouTube and Denílson Show / YouTube – Romario and Bebeto argue

One of the most iconic partnerships in Brazilian football had a moment of crisis on Tuesday (9). Although the relationship has been in balance since the end of 2022, fans have only now discovered that Romário and Bebeto are no longer so close. He is best known for his attacking duo in the 1994 title, as well as titles and gunners with Flamengo, The reason for the partnership’s separation drew criticism from the nation.

It all started with Romário’s interview with the do Garotinho podcast, when a Shorty showed his displeasure with the old friend. In explaining the star with passages through Barcelona, ​​PSV and the Brazilian national team, Bebeto would not have followed the political alliances he indicated. In Romário’s view, this was a betrayal by someone who, according to him, Carry a lot of affection.

(Bebeto) traitor. He was (my oldest partner), but he is no longer. She tricked me into politics. jumped (from a branch). There are some things in life that I take forever, both in and out of politics. Every day there is one, but when it’s with someone you love, who you’ve lived with and befriended in every way, it’s sad.”Romario charged.

Photo: Flow Sport Club Sale [OFICIAL]/ YouTube – Bebeto was upset with Romário

Do you think Romario and Bebeto are Flamengo stars?

Do you think Romario and Bebeto are Flamengo stars?

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Bebeto, in response to Uol’s request, I was offended by Romario’s words. Tetra do Mengão jersey number 7, in 1987, claimed that his teammate was no longer aware of what he was saying, indicating a degree of stiffness. Social networks responded to the remarks with surprise, criticizing the breakup for such a reason.

“Who is calling me a traitor? Romário is getting old and I think he’s getting hardened, he talks a lot of nonsense. I’ve had an honorable career in football and politics, never been involved in any controversy. I can’t say the same about him, he’s selfish, he’d think.” always in himself only.”Defend Bebeto.

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