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NYT says prosecutors are investigating whether Ukrainians tried to interfere in the US election in 2020

NYT says prosecutors are investigating whether Ukrainians tried to interfere in the US election in 2020

NEW YORK – The U.S. has provided evidence that Ukrainian politicians may be involved in a plot to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. Lawyers are looking for, including allegations about Joe Biden’s family business with the country’s energy department. According to sources close to the New York Times, Rudolf Giuliani, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, will be the target of an investigation into Ukraine.

The center of the investigation, which was run by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and began late last year, was an attempt by Ukrainians to spread misinformation about corruption activities involving Joe Biden’s family. The participation of Biden’s son Hunter in the group of the Ukrainian energy company Brisma and the then vice president’s political pressure on Kiev were used by Trump in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, but never confirmed.

These allegations were at the center of the first indictment against Donald Trump, which began in mid-2019, examining the then president’s pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate Fiden’s actions in the country. He was found guilty by the House of Representatives, which was dominated by Democrats, but was acquitted by the Senate and later controlled by Republicans and held office.

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According to prosecutors, the Ukrainians, especially a deputy, Andrei Derkach, used Giuliani as one of those who spread misinformation about Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate at the time. The Trump administration warned of this through intelligence reports, but Giuliani and the majority of Republicans continued to spread this information throughout the campaign.

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Derkach ended up on the Treasury Department’s sanctions list for alleged election interference and “Russian agents.” At the time, the Treasury said vice-presidents were making direct efforts to use the media, social networks and influencers to spread false election allegations. These actions include the use of revised recordings of conversations between Fiden and former President Pedro Poroshenko and attempts to show evidence of corruption. Giuliani denies receiving any warnings about Derkach.

Brooklyn’s lawyer’s investigation is running in parallel with an extensive investigation by lawyers in Manhattan into the actions of a former Trump lawyer with the White House to remove the U.S. ambassador to Que at the request of allies. Ukrainians. U.S. federal law states that any propaganda action by foreign governments that Giuliani has never committed must be recorded in the judiciary.

Goal: Federal investigators are searching the residence of Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani

In both cases, he denies the allegations, denies working for the Ukrainians, accuses Republicans and Democrats of following “different standards”, saying it was nothing more than an attempt to help Trump’s re-election. At Brooklyn’s trial, he did not appear in the interrogation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

As the New York Times points out, the Biden administration’s judiciary has received a series of politically important investigations over the years, including more vague relations between former government officials and political figures from Russia and Ukraine.

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Since 2016, the focal point of the democratic discourse has been the U.S. In need to prevent other countries from interfering in the electoral process, and even under Trump, lawyers and the courts have been serious about this issue.