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Nubank will award R $ 10 to R $ 10,000 through credits;  See how

Nubank will award R $ 10 to R $ 10,000 through credits; See how

a Nubank, The bank, which already has more than 35 million customers in Brazil, has increased the credit limit for many clients. However, not everyone got the maximum amount. While some customers have gained a new limit on spending over 10,000 Rials, others only received an increase of 10 R $.

This situation led to a major debate on Twitter. According to one user, his card, which had a limit of R $ 50, is now R $ 60. Many have given their opinions about the additives, some in a positive way and some in a negative way.

One user said, “Nubank raised the general limit, but didn’t approve my balance.”

Another highlighted his experience in deviating from the limit offered in personal loans compared to credit cards. “I love / hate that nubank calls me 12,500 reais in for a loan right away, but it gives me a credit card limit of 400 rials.”

According to information already released by fintech, credit analysis methods are based on the amount a customer can spend, through market data, such as those available in the financial history. All information is captured and combined with a person’s expense projection, usage profile and score placement in Serasa and risk analysis.

The digital bank provided some advice to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the company in order to raise the user’s credit limit. Among them, we highlight no delay in paying bills, explore the current threshold, focus monthly expenses on the Nubank card, avoid revolving credit, and keep income up-to-date in the Nubank app.

The Nubank app is being updated with more practical changes to the interface

a Nubank It is always innovating in its services and functions, and this time, the digital bank has updated another category, which is the access platform.

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Nubank app has a fresh look. Recently, fintech has updated its platform to better serve its clients. The improvements are available for both types of accounts, physical or legal.

The new definition was simpler and more objective, as it was created to obtain a clearer distribution of items for quick and practical access. At the top of the screen, the balance, account balance and earnings are shown, according to the digital bank itself.

In addition to these changes, previously square icons have round borders. The new design was similar in corporate bank accounts in a digital bank, with a slight difference in the size of the balance filter, which took on greater significance. Additionally, the transaction history is distributed in the form of a list, below the premium account information.

Nubank platform update 5.7 on Android and iOS.