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Nubank surprises customers with extra credit;  Learn about the news

Nubank surprises customers with extra credit; Learn about the news

a nubank It remains the preferred digital bank for Brazilians, reaching about 64.8 million customers in the country. To keep this portfolio always interested, the company is constantly launching new products and services.

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One of the last pledges of financial technology Had to expand the credit offer. In addition to the well-known roxinho card, the company has begun to offer personal loan on terms tailored to your users.

The order is placed quickly and securely, completely digitally, directly in the Nubank app. Before closing the contract, the interested party can simulate the process to learn about all the terms involved, such as interest rate, maturity date, and number of installments.

Nubank Personal Credit

The option is available to anyone who wants to travel, pursue their dream, invest in studies, pay off debts at higher interest rates, or achieve any other goal. Interest rates are figures according to the customer profile and are displayed during the simulation.

The first installment can be paid within 90 days after the termination of the contract and the total repayment period is up to 24 months, by automatic debit to the digital account or by means of a bank slip. After approval of the loan in the application, the money is immediately transferred to the bank account. nubank🇧🇷

How to apply?

Personal credit is only available to customers with a Nubank digital account and credit card. For those who are already, just access the ‘borrow’ option in the app, simulate the loan and confirm the contract.

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Those who still do not have a digital bank account can download the app and create an account right away. Do not forget to check all loan conditions before confirming the application to avoid unwanted surprises.