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Nubank launches mass increases which is one of the problems of the moment on Twitter

Nubank launches mass increases which is one of the problems of the moment on Twitter

With Black Friday at the door, nubank Surprising customers with a limited increase, driving netizens crazy, making the topic in trending topics on Twitter Tuesday afternoon (26).

One network user wrote: “I used nubank horror and it did not increase a penny, I spent months without using hj and doubled the limit.”

The memes were also present among the bourgables’ publications. Another customer joked, “I was going home and complaining that I had no money to drink, and it seemed out of nowhere that your nuban limit had increased, more blessing or loss??”.

Some complained when they noticed the increase was minimal “This damn NuBank has increased my cap from R$50 to R$70, they can’t help but think I’m a clown, I’ll give up and open another serious bank account soon,” commented Anna Mel.

There were users who were disappointed when checking out the app and saw that they had not yet benefited from the change. ‘NuBank raise the limit and loans For everyone and me here, nothing … ”, Morenelli said with regret.

In June 2021, Nubank announced that it would increase the thresholds for millions of customers by August 2022. nubank It was born to improve the financial system and restore people’s control over their money. With this mission in mind, we are very pleased to announce that the limits have been increased to 35 million customers,” the organization reported in a note.

Jacob Sisk, Director of Data Science, stated, “At Nubank, we always make decisions by putting our customers at the center and increasing the threshold credit It has always been an important requirement.”

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a financial technology He also stressed that “these increases, which represent about 26 billion Brazilian reals, will be rolled out over the next 12 months. By the end of 2021, more credit will be released to about 10 million people.”

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