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Learn how to issue BRL 200 and BRL 50 with these Nubank functions

Nubank is changing the rules of the game and issuing BRL 50 in July via card

Who is trying to pass a Credit card You should watch the show nubank. The digital bank decided to change the rules of the game and began to introduce the name Purple – the nickname given to financial technology Also for those with low grades and no solid financial history. This fact is not common among financial institutions.

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In general, when ordering a Credit cardBanks carry out very rigorous analyzes, which ultimately creates obstacles for those who are taking their first steps in financial life or whose finances are shaken. In an effort to change this scenario, Nubank has created a file Credit card with a limit of 50 BRL.

Nubank launches a credit card with a maximum limit of 50 Brazilian riyals

Customers who have a low credit score, or who just came from a negative credit score, may find it difficult to approve their credit card application. This is because it is common for financial hurdles due to the precarious ability to pay.

In an effort to reverse this situation and democratize access to banking services, Nubank offers the card with a limit of R$50. The idea is to allow the user to build a relationship of trust with the bank, which can increase the purchasing power in this way. From purple gradually.

The maximum number of customers who have already obtained this version of the card has been increased after a good use of the tool, which is also worth noting that it is also exempt from the annual fee.

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Did you receive a Nubank card with a limit of R$50? Check out 5 tips to increase the limit faster

Customers who have obtained the low-limit card can take the following actions to increase their purchasing power. paying off:

  1. Pay your Nubank card bill in full on time and not be late;
  2. Focus spending on your credit card whenever possible, but without compromising your financial health;
  3. Building a relationship with the bank by engaging, whenever possible, with other services offered by the digital bank;
  4. Keeping the income in the application always up to date, especially when increasing the salary;
  5. Always keep the name clean and free of traditional restrictions with SPC and Serasa.