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NUBANK introduces 50 BRL in a new card in 2021;  See how we do

NUBANK introduces 50 BRL in a new card in 2021; See how we do

a nubankIt is one of the first companies to offer banking and financial services digitally, offering credit options, including the popular credit card. As a result, its clients enjoy greater autonomy, bureaucracy, and exemption from fees charged by conventional banks.

a nubank It has already exceeded 40 million customers.

The Nubank account ended up in 2020 with total deposits of R$29.6 billion, 100% more than those recorded at the end of 2019. This means that the amounts deposited in our account have more than doubled in the past year.

“Since our founding in 2013, we have already ensured savings of over R$19 billion to our customers through our services: a credit card with no annual fees, and a digital account free of maintenance fees and transfer fees,” he says. Bank.

However, obtaining the company’s approval can be difficult. Many people fail for various reasons, others are acceptable, but with a very low threshold.

However, all is not lost. When ordering a Card Such as nubankThe company can give the initial amount of R$50 to those who use the credit card. Why could this be good?

About Nobank Card

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50 Brazilian Real Nubank Limit: What’s the Advantage?

Customers with lower credit scores are often denied privileges. Generally, people who are in debt situations, late payments or simply have a low score cannot access many financial and credit benefits. However, in order not to ignore these customers and give them a chance, Nubank offers a limit of R$50, as a way to test Confidence The customer, and therefore the future to increase the credit limit.

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This can be very beneficial for people with credit problems.

How to increase your Nubank limit

There is no denying that the R$50 limit is low for some people. However, the goal is to increase the cap. But how will you do this? The best way to pay bills in days without fail.

It is also possible to prepay the amounts, spend a significant portion of the cap, and move as much money as possible into NuConta. Thus, the company will realize that there is turnover and the customer can know how to take good care of a larger credit.

Another way to increase credit is to pay attention to the credit score when paying monthly bills in full, in days, such as energy, internet, and water. All this is taken into account when agreeing and increasing the limit.

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