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Nubank guarantees a positive negative credit card record

Nubank guarantees a positive negative credit card record

Currently, financial institutions cannot approve many Brazilian citizens to purchase a traditional credit card, because they have a negative name or low scores on Serasa.

Thinking about it, then Nubank He started introducing a credit card that allows the user, even if it is negative or low-grade, to deposit a certain amount into the account to be used as the maximum card limit. This strategy also allows the client to create an appropriate financial history.

According to co-founder of NubankChristina Junqueira, “This should be my first experience with a product along the lines of a traditional credit card, which allows purchases in any type of personal establishment or over the Internet,” he explains.

How to add a limit on the Nubank card?

For this, the client must transfer a certain amount deposited into his fintech account for maximum use on the instrument. The option is “Add more limits”, which is available in the digital bank app.

In this case, if the user wants to have a maximum of R $ 300 in the credit function of the card, he must deposit that same amount in his Nubank account, for later use in purchases in the tool. After processing, the amount is released immediately for use in the balance. If the customer makes a purchase of R $ 200, part of the funds used will be protected and the new card limit becomes R $ 100.

It is worth noting that the consumer can make as many deposits as he wishes, while respecting the limit of R $ 5,000. This way, the credit card limit for negative items will vary according to the amount of money deposited in them.

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However, Nobank says the measure should ensure the user has the opportunity to have a healthy experience with the financial world. Hence, it is also possible for the customer to receive a traditional credit card from the company.

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