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Nubank customers see cell phone vibrating and are shocked by new alert from digital bank; Attention!

Nubank customers see cell phone vibrating and are shocked by new alert from digital bank; Attention!

Nubank alerts its customers about important changes in 2025. Find out how stopping a benefit may affect Ultraviolet card users.

Hey NobankThe bank, known as the fourth largest bank in Brazil, recently surprised its users by issuing an important statement about one of its services. Starting next year, Nubank Ultravioleta card customers will be affected by a major change in the benefits offered by the digital bank.

The main change is the disconnection. Free Rappi Pro SubscriptionOne of the main attractions of the card. Rappi Pro is a subscription program for the delivery app, which offers Unlimited free connections, Exclusive discounts on service fees, Surprises upon request that it Advantages of Offline Experiences.

To continue receiving subscription benefits, customers must pay a monthly fee of 34.90 Brazilian RealWhich will be deducted directly from the Ultravioleta Card user’s bill. More details can be found below. Follow along!

Nubank customers will face big changes in the coming year. Find out what’s coming and how to prepare for it. (Photo: Jane de Oliveira / Noticiadamanha.com.br).

What are the changes to the Nubank card?

Starting next year, Nubank Ultravioleta card customers will face major changes. The main change is the cessation of the free subscription to Rappi Pro, which is one of the card’s most important benefits.

Rappi Pro is a subscription program for the Rappi delivery app. Despite this change, the bank explains that the change must be introduced More attractive benefits for its users.

This measure will take effect from January 1, 2025. At the moment, customers can still use the program normally.

Customers should be aware of these changes and be prepared for the financial impact they may have. To ensure a smooth transition, Nubank recommends that its users review their bills and familiarize themselves with the new terms and conditions that will come into effect.

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What are the current benefits of Nubank?

Despite the changes to the UV card, Nubank continues to offer a range of benefits to its customers. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Mastercard Black Card with 1% Cashback On all purchases.
  • Exclusive investments with good profitabilityproviding clients with opportunities for financial growth.
  • NuTag for fees without monthly feesMaking life easier for drivers.
  • High quality personal serviceensuring that customers get the right support when needed.
  • Subscribe to Max Streaming Serviceand provide entertainment to users.
  • Up to 3% cashback at popular Chinese retailer Sheinproviding greater value on international purchases.

Are Nubank cards safe?

Nubank recently announced a new security measure for its users. Now, Brazil’s fourth-largest bank is joining the federal government’s Celular Seguro program, in partnership with the Brazilian Banking Federation (Febraban) and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

The aim of the program is to Lock user’s phone after theft, robbery and lossPreventing the device from being used for sale. This measure aims to increase customer security by reducing the risks associated with the loss of mobile devices.

To participate in the program, customers must register their devices with Nubank and follow the instructions provided by the bank. In the event of theft, theft or loss, customers will be able to activate the lock directly through the app, ensuring that the device is immediately unusable.

How can customers prevent themselves?

To prevent changes and ensure they continue to enjoy the benefits of Nubank, customers must take some measures:

  • Review your bill monthly.: Check all debts and make sure you are aware of all charges.
  • Learn about the new terms and conditions: Read Nubank communications carefully and understand the new rules that will come into effect.
  • Register your device to Safe Cellular:Make sure your phone is protected against theft, theft and loss.
  • Take advantage of the available benefits: Use cashback services, exclusive investments and other benefits while active.
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Staying informed and prepared for changes is essential to continue enjoying the benefits Nubank offers.

Stay tuned for updates and adjust as needed to ensure a positive digital banking experience.

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