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Nubank closes 2022 with 75 million customers worldwide

digital bank nubank He finished 2022 with 75 million Client around the world. Most of them, 70 million, are in Brazil. As a result, Nubank is now the fifth largest financial company in Brazil in terms of the number of customers.

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Since the emergence of the digital bank in Brazil, in May 2013, Nubank has not stopped innovating and expanding its service offering. And recently, it launched the possibility of contracting an additional card, a service that many customers agree to, especially those with underage children.

Nubian clients

Just to give you an idea of ​​the bank’s growth recently, in 2021 Nubank had 53.9 million customers. The data released by fintech takes into account the records of the central bank.

Now the main goal of the company is to expand its operations in Colombia even further. In recent days, Nobank has raised 150 million US dollars that will be allocated to activities in the country.

Currently, Colombia is the third country in which Nubank operates, in addition to Brazil in Mexico. The bank’s attempt is to obtain licenses to set up a financing company in Colombia and to offer more services.

There, Nubank began offering credit cards—just as it had initially done in Brazil. Now the digital bank wants to expand services and offer more benefits to customers.

Success is on the cards

In the past ten months, just to get an idea of ​​the growth in digital bank In Colombia, Nubank has issued more than 400,000 cards in the country.

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The growth has been so great that the digital bank is currently present in 80% of Colombia’s municipalities. Based on data released by the digital bank in September 2022, Nubank currently has 439,000 customers there and wants to expand investments to attract more in 2023.