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Client nubankthey can perform various operations on their credit cards through the bank’s application, such as adjusting the instrument’s limit.

The possibility is highly cited in cases where a citizen does not want to use the total balance provided by fintech or when he wants to have an upper limit to purchase a particular thing.

Step by step on how to modify your card limit

  1. Open an app nubank on your cell phone
  2. On the main screen, click on the “Credit Card” tab;
  3. Then scroll down and tap on the “Set borders” option;
  4. It will then show you your current limit and how much credit you have left. If you want to reduce the limit, drag the arrow to the desired value;
  5. However, if you want to increase, on the same screen, press the button with the symbol “+”, in the “Request a raise” option;
  6. Once done, enter the new limit value you want on the card and press the button with the arrow to continue;
  7. Next, choose the reason for increasing your credit card limit;
  8. Finally, click on the Request Increase button.

Before responding to the request, the system nubank It will quickly consult your data, such as the used limit and recent payments of your bills. In the end, you will be notified if the limit is extended or not.

Tips to increase your nubank card limit

Focus expenses on your credit card

The first tip is to focus all your spending on nubank. This way, you can be sure that your entire limit will be put to good use, which may indicate to the fintech that you need more credit.

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Keep CPF Free from Restrictions

One factor that can help you increase your fintech card limit is keeping your credit history the same. This happens when you keep your debts repaid in days, and you don’t default with Nubank or any other company, away from CPF restrictions.

Pay the bill on time

In addition to avoiding getting into debt, it is also important not to delay paying bills from nubank. Paying off the debt on the due date means that you honor your obligations, including with the financial institution. It should be noted that paying the minimum amount is not a good idea.

Develop a relationship with Nubank

It is also possible to strengthen relationships with fintech by contracting out other services available. The procedure can help you get a higher credit card limit.

Keep your income data up to date

Finally, another very important measure is to keep your registration data always up to date, especially income. This is because if you have a higher income than when you reported it to the bank, you can get an immediate increase in the limit.

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