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Nubank authorizes customers to increase their credit card limit

Nubank authorizes customers to increase their credit card limit

Take more credit card limit It can be a challenge for many Brazilians, including clients from nubank. Usually, a digital bank is generous when it comes to freeing up more margin for users to spend and make purchases, but this is not always the case.

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When a consumer has a bad or insufficient credit history, the institution chooses not to offer a high credit limit. The purpose of the decision is to avoid negligence and default, as this person’s profile indicates that he is not a good payer.

In this sense, Nubank has created the “Building Limit” resource. It allows the user to choose the amount they want to be able to spend on the card, without complications or the need for approval. Understand how it works.

function to build a limit

It works like this: the customer has to access the banking application, click on the option “Reserve maximum amount” and choose the amount to reserve, which should be available in the digital account. This resource is retained and limits its use for credit card purchases.

“With a card with Construir Limite functionality, in a simple and practical way, we have already been able to free up pre-approved limits for more than 5 million people who had little access to credit,” said Livia Chance, Nubank Egypt Operations Leader. Brazil.

Let’s say a person wants to make a purchase of R$100 and keeps a maximum of R$200. The amount used on the card is “stuck” until the bill is paid, while the remainder can be retrieved at any time.

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After paying the bill, one can choose between continuing to build up the cap or withdrawing the remaining money reserved. It should be noted that payment is not made automatically and the amount saved only serves to ensure that there is no default.


“After you book an amount to use as a limit, using your card will generate invoices and your payment information can positively influence your credit analysis in the future, helping us to better understand your behaviour, i.e. your chances of getting a higher approved limit.” explains Nubank.

In other words, this is an alternative for those who are passive and want to build a relationship with the organization to receive pre-approved credit in the future. To find out more, access the digital bank app.