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Nubank allows the payment of bank vouchers by credit card;  See step by step

Nubank allows the payment of bank vouchers by credit card; See step by step

Unfortunately, in times of economic crisis, many Brazilians cannot pay all their debts. With this in mind, the nubank Launched a tool that allows boletos to be paid with a fintech credit card.

The possibility is very practical and allows users oflilacFocus your spending on your credit card. In practice, in the billing tab of the application, you just need to select the option to pay by card and indicate the number of installments.

How is the bill paid with a Nobank card?

The entire procedure is performed by the application. See step by step:

  1. access to the Nubank app;
  2. On the main screen, choose the “Payment” option;
  3. Click on “Pay tickets”;
  4. Scan the document or enter the barcode;
  5. Go to “Choose a payment method”;
  6. select the “Credit Card” option and specify the number of installments (the maximum is 12);
  7. confirmation of “payment”;
  8. Enter the password to complete the process.

How to increase your nubank card limit

a nubank, one of the largest digital banks in the country, offers a credit card that has many advantages, due to its excellent terms, highlighting the fact that it does not have any annual salary. However, most often, when released, the initial limit does not satisfy customers.

According to the digital bank, algorithm-based technology is used to determine the amount of credit that each customer will receive. In this way, those who offer more favorable conditions, such as greater purchasing power, for example, will benefit more from the credit.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your card limit:

  • avoiding delays in paying bills;
  • Payment before the due date or by the due date;
  • Choose the bill due date according to your salary payment;
  • Do not pay the minimum invoice amount, as this will activate the revolving credit;
  • Keep your monthly income updated on the Nubank app;
  • Frequent use of your credit card;
  • Use the card more often without going over the limit;
  • You don’t have debts.
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Another factor that can help a customer get a higher limit is not having his name polluted in credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa. Being negative causes your credit score to drop quickly, thus lowering your chances of hitting an upper limit.

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