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Nubank allows issuance of up to 5,000 BRL on credit card

Nubank allows issuance of up to 5,000 BRL on credit card

a nubank Provided a resource that allows Issue up to 5 thousand Brazilian riyals In the Credit card directly through the app. The function is very useful for customers who need to make a purchase but do not have the required limit.

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The lock is opened in a practical manner and occurs instantly so that the user can take advantage of the new limit immediately. Understand how the novelty of digital banking works.

Open 5000 BRL on Nubank

Boundary creation function is another promise of nubank To simplify the lives of users. To use it, simply keep the balance of the digital account and use it as a credit for purchases made on the card.

For example: If someone needs to buy 200 BRL, they should deposit that amount into their digital account and reserve it as a maximum. This way, it can use it for credit card transactions, including subscription and installment services.

The reserved amount will not be available for use until the invoice is paid, and it is possible to generate up to a maximum of R$5,000. After the system detects the payment, the balance is released to be used again as a maximum or redeemed back to the account.

How to build a limit

Refer to the step-by-step guide to free up to a maximum of R$ 5,000 on a digital bank card:

  1. access to the Nubank app;
  2. On the main screen, enter the “Cards” menu;
  3. Click “Set Limit”;
  4. Press “Book Limit”;
  5. Enter the desired value and confirm the operation.
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Is it worth it?

border building It is a good option for customers who want to develop a credit history and increase their chances of getting a pre-approved limit card in the future. For other Nubank users, the functionality is not very useful.