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Nubank 2021: Find out how to pay with your card with Google Pay this year

Nubank 2021: Find out how to pay with your card with Google Pay this year

On February 23, 2021, Prof. Nubank released a payment function With Google Pay, which is something that, according to the digital bank itself, there was a high demand. Maybe fintech is right, after all, in two months it has reached the milestone of one million NuConta customers enrolled in Google’s digital wallet.

a Google eBay It is a digital wallet that comes to simplify it Payments In the daily life of Brazilians. These payments are made by registering the user’s credit or debit card directly on Nubank.

Another possibility is to use Google Pay on the Play Store itself. It is worth noting that the availability of this tool is limited to Android devices only. If you are a Nubank customer, pay with Digital wallet Google gives you a chance to perform Purchases In store or online, quickly and simply.

What happens is that once you get close to your cell phone to Card It actually allows you to perform a file Pay. It is important to remember that for this technology to work, your device must be screen unlocked.

How to register Google Pay on Nubank?

To record Google eBay No NubankJust follow these 8 steps:

  1. Open the Nubank app;
  2. Choose the option “Register my card” on the Google Pay panel;
  3. Choose from them Card Go to register and click “Continue”;
  4. Click “Continue” again after the message “Let’s open Google Pay to continue recording”;
  5. Enter the 4-digit password for the Nubank card;
  6. After verifying the information, go to “Accept”;
  7. Put your address
  8. Acceptance of the terms of use.
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After the card is already registeredIn the application, you have the possibility to put this card as the main card Nubank.

How to pay the card with Google Pay?

If you are in a store, you need to confirm that the merchant accepts Pay Approx. If the establishment agrees, you just have to bring your cell phone closer to the card machine and, accordingly, pay with the card Nubank Through Google Pay.

But there are also other ways to make this type of payment. One through websites or even via application. To access this resource, just check if the payment for your purchase contains the written option.Pay with Google PayIf you have it, just complete the purchase process to pay with this method at the time of its completion.

It is important to note that payment is by card Nubank With Google Pay it is a safe alternative. There are layers of security that can guarantee that an Pay This is done in a completely protected manner and there is no risk of revealing any type of data or information. With this said, the security of the tool frees you from several types of scams.

Application Google eBay It does not work with lock screen. Therefore, it is imperative to unlock your cell phone screen, either to make it new Nubank Card Payments Or any other card that you will use with your digital wallet, or even register new cards.