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Now: Farmers have just blocked roads on the border between France and Spain;  Watch the video

Now: Farmers have just blocked roads on the border between France and Spain; Watch the video

Today (3/6), farmer groups from Spain and France have taken tough action to express their dissatisfaction with the current EU agricultural production rules. They closed roads on the border between the two countries as part of a major protest.

The moment chosen for the demonstration is strategic: it comes a few days before the European Parliament elections scheduled for June 6-9. Farmers used the opportunity to pressure candidates and voters to support representatives who champion their issues.

Hundreds of tractors were transported to the Pyrenees region, the mountain range that naturally separates France and Spain. Roads were closed, including some that were exceptionally open to heavy vehicles, facilitating access for demonstrators.

The producers’ demands are clear: they consider EU agricultural laws unfair and complain of unfair competition. They call for prioritizing local products, restrictions on imports, lower taxes on energy used in food production, less bureaucracy and easing rules on the use of pesticides.

Moreover, farmers fear that recent trade agreements, such as those between Mercosur and the European Union, will hurt their activities as products enter from Latin America. Therefore, they are pushing for these agreements not to go ahead and for the current rules to be amended.

In Europe, the incentive for local production is strong, enhancing farmer mobilization. Throughout this year, several similar protests have taken place in several countries of the bloc. The situation is still being closely monitored by concerned parties and European authorities.

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