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Norway and United Kingdom install world’s longest underwater power cable – International

The British wind farm was converted to Norwegian hydropower. The United Kingdom and Norway have completed the installation of the world’s longest undersea power cable, Stotnet, the Nordic electricity network operator, announced on Tuesday (15).

Extended at an estimated cost of 1.5 to 2 billion euros ($ 1.8 and $ 2.4 billion), it extends 720 km (including 716 km underwater) and connects the Sultanal North Sea Link in the southwest of Scandinavia, Fly (near Newcastle), UK, where its installation passes through the bed of the North Sea , Thus strengthening the security of the power supply in both countries.

“When the wind blows hard in the UK and there is a lot of electricity, you can buy cheap electricity from the British in Norway, meanwhile, leave the water in our reservoirs,” said Thor Anders Nammedal, part of Stotnet, the project director from the hydropower companies.

Instead, it said in a statement that “when the UK needs a little wind and electricity, they can buy hydropower from us”.

The capacity of the new submarine is 1,400 MW.

The connection between the two parts of the cable, which was installed simultaneously in the British and Norwegian regions, was made on Monday night.

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