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North Korea: A modern missile launch carried out by the Railway Regiment (PHOTOS)

North Korea: A modern missile launch carried out by the Railway Regiment (PHOTOS)

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South Korean media reported that the launch of the missile discovered by the South Korean military on Friday was a rehearsal by the North Korean Railway Missile Regiment.

From get up With the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) ordered the regiment authorities in North Pyongan Province, on the border with China, rocket launch without prior notice for Test its working alert, after serving as an apprenticeship.

As part of the exercise, two tactical guided missiles were launched toward the Sea of ​​Japan (also known as the East Sea).

The combat position of the regiment railway missiles From North Pyongan Province which Show high maneuverability and success rate The KCNA reported that when the targets were hit in the exercise, it was greatly appreciated in the inspection process,” adding that it was decided “to establish a suitable operating system for rail missiles across the country and find ways to complement our rail combat methods.” portable missiles.
System North Korean rail-powered missilesCarrying ballistic missiles on mounted launchers and hidden in vehicles, it was revealed in September last year.

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