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Nominee for US embassy in Brazil besieged, highlighting Biden's difficulties with the Senate

Nominee for US embassy in Brazil besieged, highlighting Biden’s difficulties with the Senate

Decision of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to block the appointment of a diplomat Elizabeth Bagley As US Ambassador to Brazil Highlights the president’s difficulties Joe Biden With the country’s midterm elections still to take place in a few months, there is growing support in the Senate.

According to analysts, the relationship between the locks is abandoned United States And Brazil At a high technical level, but without direct damage. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Biden’s administration, and sought to justify military action against him, citing the president’s difficulty in negotiating with Republican senators. Security and government weaken US diplomacy because Elizabeth Bagley is a career diplomat.

“The internal political game and the pressures of the (recommended) key groups against him are, in my view, factors affecting the siege. The White House has not yet said what the strategy will be. Donald Holshawker, Professor of International Relations at SP, explains.

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Joe Biden’s appointments must be approved by the Senate, in the same way that it recognizes nominated judges

The committee voted 11 votes in favor and 11 votes against. Now it remains to be seen whether the Biden administration will suggest a new name or try to move forward with the appointment of Elizabeth Bagley. Generally, an appointment that does not have a majority on the committee will not be accepted by the Senate.

Doctor of Laws, Elizabeth Bagley was nominated by Pitton in January. The diplomat has previously served as US ambassador to Portugal and was a senior adviser to foreign secretaries. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton And Madeleine Albright.

The US embassy in Brazil is not the only one vacant. Of the 190 ambassadorial posts, 52 are nominated by Python without official representation for Senate approval.

In the Brazilian case, from 2021, when Todd Chapman decided to retire, interim Douglas Gonef held the post. “The absence of an ambassador can keep the bilateral relationship at a technical level without any direct harm. However, bilateral trade and policy agendas have not progressed significantly. This shows that despite the importance of the relationship between the two countries, the relationship between the Biden and (Jair) Bolsanaro administrations will not make much progress. “

During Elizabeth Bagley’s hearing before the Senate Committee, she spoke of the importance of US support against ways to weaken the Brazilian election, and the importance of trade between the two countries, especially China’s growing influence in Latin America.

As for the Professor of International Relations, Biden has already addressed these themes in his speeches on Brazil. “Therefore, I hope that this appointment will not make any difference in our relationship with Brazil and the United States. The continuation of the Middle Ages makes direct defense more difficult, but it can be used in other ways, “he says.

Another point that, according to analysts, made it difficult to recognize the diplomat’s name was an interview he gave in 1998 with statements about Israel, which provoked criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. “Pro-Jewish groups have rallied against his name, and in an election year, Congress is paying close attention to pressure from interest groups coming from their bases,” said Denilde Holshacker.

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