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Nobank launches a card for the blind or visually impaired

a nubank It has taken another step towards its goal of making people’s lives easier when it comes to taking care of their financial lives. With this in mind, fintech has created the Nopril, which is an experience aimed at customers who are blind or visually impaired. With NuBraille, users will get affordable cards, as well as an easy way to order your card through the app.

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Already in your welcome deck, as well as in the card, there will be a personalization. Thus, the customer’s (or company’s, in the case of corporate customers) first name and last four digits will be printed in Braille directly on the card.

“The importance of having a person or company’s name in Braille is very valuable, as it promotes a sense of belonging and inclusion and also of an emotional nature, since Braille does not exist in everyday life or in inking.” said Giselle Oliveira, diversity and inclusion specialist at Nubank.

What changes with NuBraille?

Nubank card ordering is now even easier, as fintech will be able to identify users who use screen readers to present a braille card right at the start of their card ordering process.

In addition, the welcome set will also be available in block letters and in Braille. A QR Code will direct the customer to the audio and visual instructions on the fintech YouTube channel. Thus, it will be possible to access special videos that help how to unlock the card as well as how to create the virtual cards.

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And the changes don’t stop there! On the card, the customer’s or company’s first name, up to 11 digits long, and the last four digits of purple braille will be printed directly on the card.

I am already a Nubank customer. Can I order the new card?

Yes! As of now, customers who already have a Nubank Card can order a NuBraille by calling 0800 608 6236.

For those who want to become customers, the way to apply for the card will be the same as usual: just download the app and order the card. This way, Nubank will be able to identify new customers who use screen readers, while providing a screen already customized and given the option to order the card in Braille.