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Nobank joins Disneyrola.  Find out which banks participate in the program and learn how to renegotiate your debt |  Economy

Nobank joins Disneyrola. Find out which banks participate in the program and learn how to renegotiate your debt | Economy

The Nubank logo at the bank’s headquarters in São Paulo. – PHOTO: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

“Nobank will, in due course, inform the terms and criteria for renegotiation within the scope of the programme, as well as the service channels to be made available,” the bank said in a statement.

In the first stage of Desenrola, people who have a monthly income of up to 20 thousand Brazilian reals They may renegotiate their debts directly with the financial institutions (understand more below).

In addition to renegotiating, Banks participating in the program will have to “clear the name” of people with debts of up to R$100. The deadline for institutions to complete the write-off of their systems, and to clear the names of debtors, is the twenty-eighth day.

It is worth noting, however, that The action showing the names of customers is not debt relief. The debt will continue to exist, but banks undertake, through the program, not to use this debt to include account holders in the negative register.

Find more details below on how to participate in the program at each bank.

Banco do Brasil reports that, starting Monday, it will have “privileged offers, offering better renegotiation terms to its clients”.

On delisting the names of persons whose debts are less than R$100, the bank has informed that it will conclude the process until next Friday (21).

Customers interested in debt renegotiation can use the following channels:

Bradesco also confirmed its participation in “Desenrola” and said that debts of up to R$100 would be cleared within the next week.

The bank’s president, Octavio De Lazzari Jr., considers that the program “is timely and appropriate, since it directly affects a huge mass of people who have lost their consumption conditions due to indebtedness and the difficulty of repaying these debts” and ensures that Bradesco provides all the necessary support to give space and solidity to “Desenrola”, with information to the customer, with transparency and flow in the negotiations.

Customers can renegotiate through:

  • Re-Negotiation Gate, by title bank.bradesco/debts;
  • digital channels (mobile phone, online banking, Fone Fácil and ATMs);
  • partner platforms;
  • the entire branch network.

Caixa Econômica Federal participates in “Desenrola” and knows that among its special conditions there are discounts of up to 90% (without IOF fees) for cash settlements and debt installments from 12 to 96 months.

The bank is also promoting its own campaign called “Tudo Em Dia CAIXA” at the same time, with opportunities to renegotiate debts of individuals or companies, with discounts of up to 90%.

Enterprise clients can negotiate debts through:

  • location The box opens;
  • WhatsApp 0800-104-0104;
  • phones 4004-0104 for capitals and metropolitan areas or 0800-104-0104 for other areas;
  • The CAIXA Tem app, in the “Desenrola Brasil” option.

The foundation makes it clear that customers with bad names for debts of up to R$100 will be rejected throughout July, but notes that if a customer does not join Desenrola in the coming months, the negative will be included again in bad debt records.

The channels to join the program are:

According to Santander, the bank will offer offers to individuals with a down payment and no down payment, as well as “flexible rates, discounts of up to 90%, and installments of up to 120 installments.”

The organization also mentions that in its financing sector, clients will receive renegotiation offers on unprecedented terms, depending on each profile.

To participate, individual customers can contact the bank via:

For Santander Financing, the contact options are:

On Wednesday, the digital bank reported that it had joined the program and that Customers can now request renegotiation through their service channels.

Rules for participating in “Desenrolla”

The second track of the program focuses on debt resolution for individuals who have negative financial debt until December 31, 2022 and a monthly income of up to R$20,000.

According to the government, each financial institution will renegotiate its debts, without the need to consolidate different creditors.

There is no need to register for the service on government digital channels. Banks will offer debt renegotiation terms directly to their clients.

For the program to work well, the government will offer banks an incentive to increase the supply of credit.

  • rural credit debt;
  • Debt guaranteed by a union or a public body
  • debts without credit risk that are entirely borne by financial agents;
  • debts with any kind of provision of public resources;
  • Debt with no interest rate equalization by the union.