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Nintendo is adding new levels to Super Mario Bros. 3 ‘, but scaling generates problems

At the moment, with the release of new technologies and the development of console and game systems, DLC has become very popular. However, years ago, releasing new content for games was already unimaginable.

Logically, we are not talking about continuing the game, but about new content, such as new stages, new enemies, new abilities, and so on.

But since all companies are always looking for new ways to attract consumers, or to make more profit from their games, Nintendo, in 2002, decided to innovate. So, that year, the Japanese giant launched its device called e-Reader.

This device acts as a kind of QR code reader, so that the user can add new content to already released games. And what is the privilege they chose to launch this new system? If we are talking about Nintendo, then it is quite logical that it will be its “mascot”, “Super Mario”.

But how did that happen? At the time, it had been about 14 years since Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. 3-inch released for the popular Nintendo Entertainment System. However, given the time and constraints, nothing of the game has been released since then.

It was then, with the creation of the portable Gameboy Advance and e-Reader, that Nintendo decided to bring something new to the Mario game. Thus, 38 additional stages of the game Super Mario Bros. 3″ became available through special cards present with the purchase of “Super Mario Advance 4”.

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The problem of the new levels of “Mario” and the e-reader

“Super Mario Advance 4” is actually nothing more than a “Super Mario Bros. 3” adaptation of the Game Boy Advance (GBA).

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The problem that gave rise to a particular problem was that the e-reader was not an affordable device for everyone. Therefore, these new stages – which are called missing levels – It has not been played by any fans.

Logically, over the years and the development of the Internet and technologies, many emulators began to appear, which allowed – not legally – fans to play missing levels.

However, it was only recently that Nintendo officially released existing players access to these ancient “lost” levels in time. The company has made available an emulator so that users with Switch, can have that access!

This is it missing levels It can now be available through the official GBA emulator, without the need for any other hardware or card. Just access the game “Super Mario Advance 4” and finally enjoy the 38 hidden levels.