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Nine Very Useful Google Apps But Almost Nobody Knows Them |  Services

Nine Very Useful Google Apps But Almost Nobody Knows Them | Services

NS google browser It has many applications that are still unknown, but can make a difference in the daily lives of users. available for me Android NS Iphone (iOS), tools are useful for learning new languages ​​or for remembering contents studied in high school, for example. In addition, some applications also promise to simplify routine activities, as they can facilitate payments and organize the main news of the day.

In the list below, the TechAll It collected nine Google apps that are unknown or little explored by users. Check below how the tools work and how they can be useful, whether for identifying new plant species or learning a new programming language.

Google: Find out about nine apps that users haven’t explored much – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudo

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Likes Photo ScannerAnd You can scan printed images for backup up to a file Google Photos. So you can keep old photos so you don’t risk losing them, for example. The app, only available for Android, is easy to use.

Google PhotoScan allows you to rotate the image and adjust the area captured with your phone’s camera – Photo: Playback / Elson de Souza

To scan photos, simply take a photo and move the phone over some strategic points that are physically located above the photo. The image is then processed by the app, which detects edges and removes reflections from the image.

Google Pay: Google’s virtual wallet lets you sign up for multiple payment methods – Image: Reproduction / Daniel Dutra

With the registered payment method, it is possible to make purchases by rounding, using only the cell phone – which does not require the use of physical cards or cash, for example. To use this feature, it is necessary to have a compatible cell phone and verify that the payment method is accepted by the platform.

NS google lens It is an image recognition tool. The app can be accessed from Google Photos, smartphone camera or via Google Assistant On Android, the service also has an app dedicated to Iphone (iOS).

Google Lens built into Google Go translates written words into pictures – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandes

With Lens, users can point the phone’s camera to translate texts in real time, identify objects, and search for similar products. In addition to that, you can also check places, attractions, types of plants and animals and even solve math questions.

fur filesUsers can check the available internal storage on the phone and also free up memory space from the suggestions sent by Google. The application acts as a storage manager and allows you to share files without accessing the Internet. Files has a simple interface and organizes your media into folders, such as Pictures, Videos, and Audios, making the application even easier to use.

NS read alone It is an application aimed at children and its purpose is to help children learn to read through interactive activities. The app, available only for Android, is accessible in nine different languages ​​and has a virtual assistant that helps the little ones when they have difficulty reading.

App Read Along helps children learn to read and learn new languages ​​- Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

Through the application, children’s stories can be read and access to games that encourage learning new words. In addition, you can also use Read Along to learn other languages.

NS Socrates It can help you learn a variety of content, including topics related to math, science, and history. With the app available for Android and iPhone, users can take pictures with the statement of questions to search for similar content, which helps study topics and develop answers.

Socrates app reads questions using a cell phone camera – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

In addition, the application also contains cards with summaries of topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, history, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, which can also be useful in remembering already studied concepts.

NS locusts It is an application for anyone who wants to learn programming. Through the application, users can access a series of interactive games that teach how to write in JavaScript. You don’t need programming experience to start the exercise.

App Grasshopper teaches JavaScript programming – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

NS Google Arts and Culture It is a platform operated by Google in collaboration with many museums around the world. Through the app, you can meet artists and their work, view collections and exhibitions from cultural centers, explore galleries and museums using Street View, and analyze historic buildings and artifacts using a 360-degree 3D visualization model.

Google Arts and Culture: The app lets you explore museums, view artwork, and learn about artists and their work – Photo: clone / Clara Fabro

In addition, you can also see museums and art galleries near your address, as well as plot routes on the map. Arts & Culture has an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

NS Google News It is a news aggregator that organizes content that can be interesting to the user. In the For You tab, you can check a kind of summary with the top five news of the moment. In Headings, users can check topic categories such as “Brazil,” “World,” “Business,” “Science and Technology,” and “Entertainment,” for example.

The Google News app allows you to save your favorite content and sign vehicles – Photo: clone / Isabella Cabral

In addition, users can also follow topics, sources, and topics that interest them to see more news and features in the Google News Feed. The app is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

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