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Nigo do Borrell brags about his dog’s golden teeth and is accused of mistreatment · TV News

Nigo do Borrell brags about his dog’s golden teeth and is accused of mistreatment · TV News

Nigo Do Borrell shocked his followers by posting a photo of a dog with gold teeth. Without clarifying whether the photo was a montage or real, the singer received a barrage of negative comments because of his supposed attitude toward the animal. One follower said: “Say this is fake and a bad joke please. I don’t think any ‘professional’ agreed to do this.”

In the recording, the former Fazenda displays the dog’s teeth as if he had placed gold plates, as happens to some humans. “My dog ​​should be like this, just like his owner,” he wrote.

Immediately after the photo was published, the funk singer was subjected to severe criticism and a state of anger arose among Internet users. “This is called abuse. I hope it’s a set-up,” Rafa Jackson said. “Why do you need to do this to a dog?” Yelana Souza asked. Angelica Fagundes wrote: “The owner and whoever did this are not responsible!”

“I hope it’s fake, because honestly, you’d have to be a real asshole to do that to an animal,” Diane Carino said. Soraya Maroun said: “How ridiculous! He should be arrested. Animals do not need to be like humans, they are pure and real, and this is disrespectful to animals! Shame on you, man!”

After a huge amount of criticism, Nigo de Borrell changed the comment on the photo. “I have seen everything in this life, but there are things that even God questions,” the artist wrote, noting that the dog did not belong to him and that it could in fact be a montage.

See Nego do Borel’s post before and after the caption change:

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The first comment for Nego do Borel’s post


New comment after a barrage of criticism