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Neymar will travel on a plane worth a billion Brazilian riyals

Neymar will travel on a plane worth a billion Brazilian riyals

striker Neymar You will travel on a plane worth R$1 billion in Saudi Arabia. The plane owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, used to fly the plane Crescent moonthe new team of the Brazilian player, for international competitions.

How is the plane that will take Neymar?

The Boeing 747 is used by Al Hilal in international competition flights | Image: reproduction

The plane was built in 1992 for delivery to Air China, but nine years later it was returned to Boeing.


The double-decker plane originally carried 400 passengers, but the entire configuration was changed with the renovation of the Saudi prince. In one part of the plane, passengers can sit facing each other in leather-covered armchairs.

Neymar plane 3
Boeing 747 seats | Image: reproduction

The seats are wider than usual and have ride controls on the armrests.

The aircraft lighting is designed with passenger comfort in mind and is LED. In addition, the Saudi prince designated spaces on the plane to serve as a living room, with side sofas and even an “armchair”.

Neymar plane 4
Boeing 747 lounge | Image: reproduction

The owner of the plane takes the phrase “time is money” so seriously that he built a meeting room that is also used for dinner. Under the windows, there are lockers for storing luggage and supporting things.

Neymar's plane 5
Boeing 747 meeting room | Image: reproduction

On the upper deck, a master suite and bar are available. Details on the walls are made of gold, as well as lamps to make up the lighting system.

Neymar plane 6
Main wing inside a Boeing 747 | Image: reproduction

In the middle of the upper floor is the “King’s Chair” which was probably meant to be used by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

Neymar's plane 7
Another entertainment space for Boeing 747 passengers | Image: reproduction

The gold – possibly gold – covered armchair reclines for added comfort and even provides an entertainment screen with high speed internet access.

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